What was your body shape & fitness like prior to PT?

Prior to starting PT my fitness was very poor. While I played some sport I would have considered myself quite unfit. I had started to put on what I considered to be a lot of weight, this was particularly evident around my midsection and on my face.


What do you enjoy about the different training styles?

I enjoy the variety and challenge of improving in each of the different training styles. I do a number of different sessions, namely: cardio, boxing and weights. Each cardio session is different to the last which is very important, this is usually the toughest session and when it is constantly being varied it makes getting through it much easier. Weight training is by its nature mixed up less frequently as the challenge here is to make gains each week on the same exercises until its time to move onto more advance/differing exercises. Trying to go heavier/do more reps is a great challenge and motivates me each week.


Looking back at yourself from a few years ago to now, what changes/results have you noticed?

The main change I have noticed is significant weight loss (over 10% of my starting weight) and muscle gain. However I have also noticed that my posture has improved dramatically. I always suffered from a weakness in my lower back, this combined with sitting at a desk all day meant I had quite poor posture. Jam has had me doing certain exercises to improve this, which has had very evident results and I feel my back is now strong and in a much better position than when I started.


Based on your experience, what would you tell others who are considering 1-on-1 coaching is the biggest benefit of training with Jam?

The biggest benefits of training with Jam are his expertise and his ability to push you beyond the point of where you would normally stop on your own. I know after every cardio session I would have stopped sooner had I been on my own or got bored by the exercises I designed for myself. With Jam constantly pushing you on and finding new ways to challenge you, you push past the point of where you would normally stop. With weight training he is able to assess where you should start and what exercises you should do in each session. He is then able to show you the correct technique and then have you implement it, again this is something I don’t believe I would correctly do by myself, nor do I think I would be anywhere near as strong as I am training with Jam. Without doubt you will get quicker and better results training 1:1.




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A certified Strength/Conditioning and Nutrition Coach based in Melbourne CBD, Jam Acero is one of the most passionate personal trainers in the industry.
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