What was your fitness level like prior to personal training?

I have always been a runner. When I started training with Jam I had cardio fitness but I was tiny! I wanted to look and feel stronger.


What do you enjoy the most with the training?

I enjoy feeling sore the next day and knowing I’ve done a good workout!
I now know the dedication it requires to build strength and muscle. It’s a good feeling to have worked hard and finished a tough heavy session.


Looking back at yourself from a few years ago until now, what are the changes you’ve noticed and are happy about?

While everyone is different, I feel more comfortable and confident having some muscle and no longer being super-skinny.
I have put on 9 kg of muscle since I started personal training and have increased two shirt sizes!


Based on your experience, what would you tell others who are considering one-on-one coaching as the biggest benefit of training with Jam?

Jam is incredibly motivated. He puts all of his energy into helping you reach your goals - he loves being your personal coach and it comes through in his enthusiasm!




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A certified Strength/Conditioning and Nutrition Coach based in Melbourne CBD, Jam Acero is one of the most passionate personal trainers in the industry.
Jam Acero
Director, Author and Speaker

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