What state was your health, fitness and lifestyle habits at prior to personal training? Describe your lifestyle habits, good or bad.

I had not exercised regularly until I turned 32. I had not suffered with weight problems or back problems in my twenties. Once I started working in an office full time (aound 8 years ago), I started developing back and neck problems. I had been to physiotherapists, myotherapists, chiropractors and I saw no improvement, until one day a myotherapist said that I needed to build muscle to help my posture and to strengthen my back. This is when I decided to get a personal trainer.

I always thought that I had a healthy living style as in the last year and a half I went the gym. I didn’t eat processed foods. A major difference was that although I ate fairly healthy (no processed foods or cakes etc.) I realised I was eating the proportions of carbs, protein and fat all wrong. I was having twice the amount of carbs to protein and not enough fats. I also believe when I went to the gym I was training myself correctly, this could not have been further from the truth. I have never worked as hard as Jam works me, I have never sweated as much in a 30 minute workout as I do and I have never used so many muscles all at once.

I made radical changes from starting PT with Jam. I cut out alcohol during the week and only have 2 glasses of wine at the weekend. I changed the food I eat and the proportions but allowing one day per week to eat whatever I like. This is not a diet, as I cannot stick to diets nor do I believe in them, it is simply eating better and healthier. After these changes, the weight started decreasing, week by week. Not one week did I gain any weight in the last 4 months of Training! I could not have done this on my own, I needed an expert to show me where I was going wrong and most importantly to push me the way I have never been pushed.


What aspects of the training do you enjoy the most?

For the first 4-6 week, my training was based on weights. I had no strength. I could not participate in a fat burning session as I could not lift the lowest kettle bell of 6kg. Once I had built the strength, I moved on to high intensity training sessions. The first session I did, I was 3 minutes in and could not catch my breath. I thought there is no way I can get through one round of 6 exercises, never mind 3 rounds! I did though and each week I got better at it. Jam has a way of making you push yourself when you think you cannot do anymore. For me this is what I enjoy the most – knowing that no matter what he will always get me through the session, stronger and faster. I have 2 sessions per week, the first is fat burning using certain apparatus and the second session is fat burning using the barbell which I love the most.


What effects on your fitness level have you noticed from fat-burning sessions and weight-training? What changes with your body have you noticed the most - visually and internally?

I find the cardio sessions more challenging than the weight sessions even though my heart rate is higher on the weight sessions. I had to have the fat-burning sessions in order to lose the weight. I instantly started seeing that my clothes were getting lose and that my body was getting more toned. The weight-training sessions gave me definition. I finally got rid of my bing wings and could actually see some muscle forming in all areas of my body. Internally my metabolism has sped up. My digestive system is much better than it was. Visually, the difference is huge. I have dropped from a size 12 on the bottom half to a size 8! On the top half I have dropped from a 10 to an 8! I carry most of my weight on my hips, bottom and stomach. I also dropped 10cm on my waist.


What were some of the mental challenges you’ve faced in your fitness journey so far, and how do you overcome them?

I have always been a dedicated person. Whatever I put my mind to I go in 100%. Mental motivation is the most important attribute to have when training. If you don’t have it, you will not see the results you want. I have never woken up and thought I can’t be bothered training today and part of this is because you have to choose the right trainer for you. If I did not have a rapport with Jam, I probably would not have been as motivated as I have. During the sessions, if I did not have Jam to push me, I probably would have achieved as much as I have. He lets me get away with nothing! He is strict and firm but he knows I can handle it.


Based on your experience, what would you tell others who are considering one-on-one coaching as the biggest benefit they can expect from training with Jam?

Expect to achieve what you don’t think you can. Expect to feel so motivated that you can’t wait for your next session. Expect to be pushed but only to the point Jam believes you can be. Expect your eating habits and exercise routine to change forever, for the better. This is coming from a person who did no exercise until the age of 32!




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A certified Strength/Conditioning and Nutrition Coach based in Melbourne CBD, Jam Acero is one of the most passionate personal trainers in the industry.
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