Take It Off: Your Better Body Plan

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Have you ever seen a really impressive 'Before' and 'After' photo on a weight loss product? Well, there’s something that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know. There is more involved than just the diet product, and it’s the same across the board. 

Look into the eyes of any person in their “before” picture and you’ll see that they are deeply disturbed. The body they have is no longer in sync with the body they are able to accept. 

They changed the body that they are willing to accept, and realized that they are disturbed with what they've settled for. 

Now look into their eyes in the “after” picture – see the sweet satisfaction? They now live in the body that they decided they can truly accept and deserve, the body that deep down they knew they belonged in. What an amazing feeling that is. 

Why are you still living life in your “before” body? 

Sure, you have obstacles that get in your way – your schedule, your job, your kids, the weather, your knee injury from college…but ultimately you have the body that you accept. 

I’m going to repeat that so it will really sink in. 

You have the body that you accept. 

Transform from “Before” to “After”

You may not realize it, but you already posses everything you need to transform your body, and it all starts with taking responsibility for the body that you have today. 

You are in your current shape because, until this moment, you’ve been OK with it. 

Oh I know you aren’t thrilled with it, and you even talk about losing bodyfat and getting fit—but you haven’t changed what you’ll accept. 

Here’s how to transform your body in 3 steps: 

Step One: Feel Disturbed

It has been said that emotion creates motion. This is essential when it comes to personal transformation. Just like those folks in the “before” pictures, to transform your body you must first decide that you can’t live another day in the body you currently have. 

Get your emotions stirred up. Make a list of all the reasons that you’re ready to lose weight and get fit. Get disturbed. 
You have to get disturbed with your current shape before you’ll take the action needed to transform your body. How do you get disturbed? Try these:
  • Go shopping for a swim suit
  • Try on all of your “skinny” clothes
  • Look at old pictures from when you were in better shape
  • Go to the doctor for a check-up

Step Two: Decide What You Want

Without clarity you’ll never get where you want to go. Now that you’re disturbed with the body you have, decide what the body you can accept looks like. 

Think in concrete and specific terms. Just like the captions under ‘before” and “after” pictures—“Shannon lost 20kg,” “Matt lost 8 inches from his waist,” “Catherine went from a size 20 to a size 6.” 

Get a clear picture in your mind of what you’ll look like in your “after” picture and decide what the caption will read. 

Step Three: Take Action

The time spent between your inspiration (now) and taking action determines whether you will succeed or fail. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck between inspiration and action—there is always something that you can do immediately. That could mean planning your workout schedule for the next 4 weeks, joining a sporting team or taking fitness classes, or making a commitment to preparing your own healthy meals each day. Any action no matter how seemingly insignificant at the time is better than putting it off for that elusive timeframe called 'tomorrow.'  

Take action by contacting me now to set up a fitness consultation - or even just to ask me how you can get started on your own! I get random questions about training and nutrition all the time on Facebook Messenger, and am always happy to help. 

I am here to take you from your “before” picture to your “after” picture. What will your “after” caption read?

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