Lockdown 2.0 outdoor PT

by Jam Acero, 2 years ago
Weeks with no gym: 25
Outdoor client sessions delivered: 607
Positive factors: Being able to secure a Work Permit from the government which allowed me to lawfully continue training some of my clients; having my own equipment which helped with both my client's training and my own; living in the city which means plenty of options within 5km of home.
Challenges: Enduring petty people trying to shut me down, luckily the Police inspected my paperwork and gave me the OK. Training people outdoors in winter, through rain cold and Melbourne wind - especially the wind ?
Lessons learned: Purposeful hard exercise is so vital towards mental health. My clients regularly mention to me that the stress-relieving benefit from our training is just as potent as the physical results.
Things I'm looking forward to in the near future: Taking my own and my client's results to the next level - with a newfound appreciation of what we can achieve without the ideal conditions/equipment, imagine when the gym comes back ?

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